How can I open a wholesale account and get Skoa Precision Trucks in my shop?
If you’re interested in carrying Skoa Precision Trucks in your shop, please shoot us an email at [email protected] with some pictures of your store along with how you’re involved with your local longboarding community. A link to your website if you have it is also greatly appreciated.

How do I get sponsored?
Check out our How to Get Sponsored page!


What makes Skoa Trucks unique?
Simply, engineering. At the core of Skoa are skaters with engineering, machining, and manufacturing experience from industries like mountain biking, rail, and high end motor sports. These industries have rigorous standards for strength, durability, and precision and here at Skoa we take the same approach to our trucks. With the use of FEA simulations, we’re able to make sure that our trucks are the lightest and strongest they can be. While we’re also able to apply our own experience, and the experience of our team to our designs, ensuring that our geometries perform at and above the needs of the world’s best skaters. From pushing to the store, to freeriding, to racing, we aim to make a truck that’s fun, consistent and dependable and most importantly fits your needs.

What does the baseplate angle effect?
Baseplate angles are very important in tuning the turning characteristics of your skateboard. The baseplate angle should be looked at as a ratio between lean and turn. A 45° baseplate will give a 0 rake truck a 1:1 lean to turn ratio. When you go lower than 45° your trucks will lean more than they turn, and when the turning angle increases above 45°, the trucks will turn more than they lean. Lower baseplate angles deliver more leverage over the bushings, and higher angle deliver less. Generally, lower turning angles are better for going fast and higher turning angles will be more enjoyable at lower speeds.

What bushings come with Skoa Precision Trucks?
Skoa Precision Trucks come stocked with SKOA EUROTHANE bushings.

What’s different between the Vapor and the Stream 7?

  • The Stream 7 has an almost inline axle, meaning it has almost no axle offset. The Vapor on the other hand has a medium amount of offset. This makes the Stream 7 a very low truck, while the Vapor has a higher ride height.
  • The Stream 7 has 0 rake, so its axle sits in-line with the pivot axis of the truck. The Vapor has a small amount of rake, so that the rider can flip the hanger for positive or negative rake depending on their preference.
  • The Stream 7’s minimum width is 182mm, where the Vapor’s is 178mm.
  • The Stream 7 has a very direct and quick turning action, where the Vapor is more flowy.

What’s the difference between rake and offset?

Vapor - Rake and Offset

  • The term ‘rake’ is used to describe a change in position of the axle off of the pivot axis perpendicularly. Rake effectively modifies the turning angle progressively as a rider asks for more turn from their trucks. Negative rake lowers the turning angle and therefore delivers more lean and leverage as you move towards the end of the turn, where positive rake increases the turning angle giving the rider more turn quicker as they move towards the end of their turn.
  • ‘Offset’ is used to describe a change in position of the axle from the point of intersection between the planes of the kingpin and pivot axis along the pivot axis. Positive offset is the most common, and moves the axle towards the road, increasing ride height. Negative rake would move the axle closer to the board and lower ride height. Offset also changes some leverage characteristics. Trucks with axle offset at or close to 0 have a quick response to turning input, where trucks with more offset respond slower.

Is there a warranty? Yes! Please read thru here.

How do returns or cancellations work?
You may request an order cancellation before your order ships. We will do our best to stop your order and refund your money, but once your order has left our location we can’t retrieve it. We do not accept returns.


What bushings is the Vapor compatible with?
The Vapor is designed with tall barrels in mind, but can fit standard barrels and eliminator shapes with the use of washers.

What size Kingpin should I run on my Vapors?
The Vapors come with a press fit 3.25″ kingpin which is long enough to run double tall barrels.

What’s the ride height on the Vapors?
Vapors are 60mm from axle to deck in the positive rake position and 56.59mm when in the negative rake position.

Stream 7

What is the benefit of the I-Beam design on the Stream 7?
The I-Beam design of the Stream 7 allows the truck to be as light as possible, without sacrificing strength. It also looks like nothing else out there!

What bushings is the Stream 7 compatible with?
The Stream 7 fits standard barrel sized bushings, tall barrels on bottom, as well as eliminator shapes. A washer is needed to compensate for shorter eliminators and short barrels.

What size kingpin should I run on my Stream 7s?
The Stream 7 should be run with a 2.75″ kingpin.

Why do the Stream 7s cost so much!?
To achieve the smooth lines and overall roundness, a 5 axis CNC makes many passes over every inch of the hanger and a similar amount over the baseplate. Machine time is money and the Stream 7 takes a lot of machine time to produce. However, we believe it to be the finest truck ever made. It’s a work of art and nothing else comes close!

What’s the ride height on the Stream 7s?
They are 55mm from axle to deck on any Skoa plate.