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born: 1994

hometown: San Sebastian, Puerto Rico

sponsors: Skoa Trucks, Omen Longboards,
Free Wheels, Vicious Griptape, Holesome Pucks

rider set up: VAPOR – 178mm 47°
Omen Griffon, Skoa Vapors, Vicious Red and Free Loaders

top 3 favorite races: Pikes Peaks, Jake’s Rash
and Guajataka Downhill

comment about SKOA: I had ridden many different trucks but SKOAs fit my style in a much better way. I like how the Vapors lean and how stable they are at high speeds. I feel very confident when going fast at high speed! Can’t get off of them! I personally like the Vapors for racing and Stream7s for free riding because the have no rake.

how you got into longboarding:
I got into longboarding at highschool about 5 years ago when a friend of mine lend me his board for few days and I ended up buying it.

best known for: Santiago/Berto


Interview with Roberto Cobian