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born: 1987

hometown: Alicante, Spain

sponsors: Skoa Trucks, Gnarlicante,
Olson&Hekmati, TRENDSPLANT

rider set up: VAPOR – 178mm, 47°
Riding Skoa Vapors 90a all over Eurothane
on an OlsonHekmati Promellow Deck

top 3 favorite races:
KOZAKOV, Outlaw Alicante, Verdiccio

comment about SKOA:
The most important thing for me with respect to my SKOAs is the feeling of grip coming fast after a slide.
I feel I can change my line so fast to avoid collision with other racers or a bus!

how you got into longboarding:
I am in longboarding since I have seen James sliding hard like a motherfucker. I started skating down hills from then on –7 years ago.

best known for: Organizing rad trips!