Thinking about a sponsorship from Skoa?

First we want to talk about the difference between PRO RIDERS and FLOW RIDERS. Pro Riders are the top guys on the team. They can expect to get free gear and event attendance support. They might get additional costs covered or be reimbursed. A lot of PRO RIDERS may have a side job that also supports them in their skating.

A FLOW RIDER has the benefit of getting trucks at a discount, and free gear like shirts, stickers, etc. We start new riders on the flow team before considering them for pro benefits.

To both the flow and the pro team riders we offer the possibly to getting involved in developing trucks and testing design prototypes. You might ride ‘zero day’ test equipment, which means you’re finding out first how new products handle and stand up to punishment. We want to have a win-win situation where we develop new outstanding products together with our team.

How does it work?

Email with a few good images of you skating, bombing, or sliding; links to quality video of you (YouTube or Vimeo). Include links to all of your social networking sites (facebook, instagram, etc.), and links to posts by you on community sites (if you use them) and information about your level of involvement in your local scene. List all the events you have attended and planned. If you have ever been featured in any media source, in any way, shape and/or form, include it! Describe in a few sentences what the benefits are of having you as a part of the Skoa team. If you prefer us to contact you by a different method than the email you’re contacting us from, let us know.


Skate safe and have fun!