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born: 1980

from Caledon Ontario, lives in Vancouver BC

sponsors: Skoa Trucks, I/O Merino, Hawgs Wheels, Zealous Bearing, Vicious Grip, Venom Bushings

rider set up: VAPOR – 178mm, 47°/42°

top 3 favorite races:
Kozakov, Almabtrieb, Peyagudes

comment about SKOA:
Only the best, made by great people. Love that big urethane pivot

best known for:
being Unkle Lee, host of the Britannia Classic and the Whistler Longboard Festival

how you got into longboarding:
My roomate had a board and I used to cruise up and down and all over Vancouver on it. Then I bought a used one, then I introduced myself to Graham at Rayne in 2005.