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born: 1997

hometown: Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

sponsors: Skoa Trucks, Concrete Lines Skate Shop, RAD Wheels, RDVX Grip Technologies,
Riptide Bushings, Vultur Helmets, Team Monkypig

rider set up: VAPOR – 178mm 47°
MSPECS – 148mm 47°/26°

top 3 favorite races: Newtons Nation, Kozakov Challenge, Peyragudes Never Dies

best known for: 1000 faces

comment about SKOA:
The Vapors are my favourite trucks from Skoa at the moment. I ride the Vapors, which are 47 degrees, 178mm and have 3mm of positive rake. They are compatible with tall (0.75’’) bushings although I use Riptide 90a fat cones boardside brought back up to height with a few washers, and Riptide 95a tall barrel bushings roadside. These trucks are perfect for both downhill and freeride. Although the Stream 7’s are a little bit lower than the Vapors they are really fun trucks for freeride and are a dream for going fast.
Skoa trucks are the lightest trucks on the market at the moment and are the most precise feeling trucks I have ever ridden.


how you got into longboarding: 
A kid at my old school had a longboard and use to bomb hills on it. This looked super rad and I managed to bug my parents into buying me a longboard for my birthday in 2010. In February 2011 I went to my first event where I was ripping some FAT stinkbug 180’s, then in march 2011 I went to my first race, which was on a footpath and I was throwing down mongo footbrakes all the way down. I progressed and it’s been forever downhill since then.