“Wie Gehts?” with Simon Lang

Tommy Watson: Hey Simon, it’s been a little bit since we heard from you with your raw run. I’ve been seeing some pictures of you floating around from events though. Looks like you’re still having fun with it. 🙂 How’s it been? What’s been going on on and off the board?

SL: hey Tommy, yeah I had my exam in summer as a cook and  not as much time to skate as I wanted. After that I was at several events with my buddies from “TEAM ADÄQUAT”, but it’s always hard for us to film because when we skate together, we crash all the time 😀 But at the moment we’re filming a lot and hopefully some good shots 😉 I want to go to Australia in January for skating and cooking.

like riding rails

photo: paul brosig

TW: Pushing the limits with your friends is fun for sure. What’s Adaquat mean? Who are the other guys on it?

SL: team ADàQUAT is only a three men team, andreas mangold, burak duran and i. we’re really good friends and go often together skating. we were at the 24 hour race in Groserlach and had no name for our team, so we made a safty meating in my car and and i said: “…would be really adäquat.” burak and i look at each other, because we didn’t know what “adäquat” means but we were so excited about the word that we said “that’s our team name” 😀 sry but i can’t find an translation for the word in english.

TW: The 24 Hour race looks awesome! For those of you who don’t know about it. It’s a race where you bring a team of people, and trade off who is skating over the course of 24 hours! The team who completes the most laps wins, and at Groserlach there is a chairlift to the top…

a GROßERLACH run from skateON on Vimeo.

Anyway, there’s another event that you were at that I’d like to hear more about. The Scharfenstein Freeride. Free entry, community involvement… what’s the story behind this event?

SL: Tommy, that was really the best event I ever was at. scharfenstein is such a nice track, really steep, nice corners, and for free, beautiful =) The motto of the event was skating against racism. because of that they get a little bit of money from the state, so they could close the road and things like that. all skaters had to work at the event. I helped preparing the road for the freeride and made a little slide workshop for beginners. other guys did some hours of course marshalling or things like that. It was really cool because everybody was so happy and stoked there.

scharfenstein freeride - photo: CK photography

scharfenstein freeride – photo: CK photography

TW: Are there lots of freerides happening in Germany?

SL: no unfortunately not, i think this year we had about 4 or 5 freerides, i know 😀
it’s a shame because we have really crazy roads, but there aren’t a lot of people who are motivated and have the time to organize such an event.

TW: Definitely, I think that it’s the same deal over here in NorAm. People are more driven to host races. I think that that will change as the scene gets older.

SL: yeah hopefully, i like to race but the mood at a freeride is much more better

TW: Do you see about as many people at freerides in Europe as races?

SL: In Europe I’m not sure but in Germany people use to go more to races, because there are more races in Germany than Freerides. That’s often the only way to get some freerides on a closed road.

TW: Do events there give riders the option of signing up just for the freeride days?

SL: yep, at some races you only can pay for the freeride days if you want. it’s good for the mood at the event because more people come to the event and the party getting better

TW: I came on to Skoa after you, so I don’t know your back-story with us. How did you first come to ride with the Skoa guys?

SL: Matthias Ebel and some of his friends organized the “Häldenrennen” race in Germany. I got to know them through skating and after the event i stayed there one more day. I was lucky because also Uwe and Reini were there and they made a little Skoa-Team meeting. I was just there listening and everytime when Uwe said he’d like to do this or that, I said, yeah no problem I can do this, I also can do this, and after that evening I was part of the team 😀

TW: Funny how things can just fall in to place like that. 🙂

simon sidewalk slide

photo: paul brosig

TW: What’s your favorite thing to do on a longboard?

SL: My favorite thing to do on my longboard is to fool around 😀
I love to ride next to the street or do stupid things on my longboard

TW: You’ve got an interesting style for heelsides/frontsides. Are you always so far to the nose like that?

SL: no not all the time, but I like to walk on my board when I skate. it’s much more interesting because it always feels different and always a little bit sketchy – I LOVE that
try it, it’s funny =)

TW: I’ll have to give it a go, though I gotta say, I’m not super hyped on falling 🙂 Did you start off skateboarding and then pick up a longboard later?

SL: Yes I started skateboarding when I was 14 and I‘ve been longboarding for 3 years now.

TW: What got you into longboarding?

SL: I tried my friends board and I got directly hooked. I skated directly down a steep road without any protection or skills, it was amazing, so much adrenalin =) =) =)

TW: Hahah! I did something similar, but got speed wobbles and just barely managed to run it off. I had no idea wobbles even existed! Is there an anti-longboard sentiment among skaters in Europe/Germany?

SL: I think in some parts of germany we have that, but maybe because they have no hills and they don’t know downhill longboarding.

TW: Do you street skate as well as ride transition?

SL: I do some street skating but most time I go skating with my downhill set up, I don’t like the short boards anymore, it feels a little bit wrong :/

simon lang - stairs

photo: paul brosig

TW: Outside of Skoa, who else do you ride for?

SL: I ride for Olson&Hekmati boards and Olson&Hekmati wheels, Dübel Distribution, and since 2 weeks also for the longboardshop.eu

TW: What are you doing outside of skating?

SL: during the winter times I go skiing a lot and when I have enough money I love to go surfing.


TW: Thanks for taking the time to catch up!