Welcome to the Team: Roberto Cobian!

Bienvenido Roberto Cobian!

carve - orlando de la rosaphoto: Orando de la Rosa

After taking some time to test out the Stream 7s and Vapors to see how they performed, Roberto accepted our offer and we’re very happy to announce that we’ll be working together with Roberto Cobian as part of the Skoa Team! Roberto has been skating with George, Tommy and Mike on the Rayne team for a while now, and always shows positivity and motivation. He’s a blast to skate with and not only freerides well but has a good head on him for racing, in both the wet and dry. He showed the guys a ton of hospitality when the guys were in Puerto Rico for the Guajataca and even helped build Vapors when he was here in Canada for Danger Bay, Jake’s Rash and the Britannia Classic. We’re excited to be helping him out and for what the future holds!

deck and board