Tommy Watson Walks You Thru How to Change a Precision Truck Axle

I sat down a few weeks ago and whipped up a video walk thru for how to properly install an axle in to a Skoa Vapors. However, looking around there wasn’t much instruction online for how to replace a threaded axle in general, which is the most common style of axle found on many precision trucks. Luckily, this process below can be applied to any precision truck that has a threaded in axle such as Skoa, Aera and Munkaes just to name a few. Scroll down for more text details to help you out.

Skoa Trucks – How to Replace a Precision Truck Axle from Skoa Trucks on Vimeo.

Required Tools:

  • Latex or similar gloves
  • Rag
  • Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 13mm (for Skoa Trucks) or Adjustable Wrench if you’re unsure
  • Loctite 271 (Red)
  • Loctite Klean ‘N Prime

Applying the isopropyl alcohol to the rag and giving the hanger side threads a rub will help you cut through the oil that is often left on precision axles after they’re milled or following whatever anti corrosion treatment they go through. The Loctite Klean ‘N Prime that I use next further helps to promote bonding between the axle and anodized hanger. This isn’t necessary if you’re hanger and axle are untreated/raw, but since we black oxide our axles and anno our hangers, it’s important. You will want to use Latex gloves or something similar when working with these chemicals as they can cause skin irritation, etc.

The video doesn’t walk you thru the removal process of the axle, but I’ll tell you about it here. For that you’ll just need the right wrench for your axle and enough muscle to break the Loctite that’s holding it in there. It may be necessary to use a vice or some other sort of clamp. To protect your hanger from scratching, put a rag in between the hanger and vice/clamp. Folding the rag will give you some extra padding if you need to clamp down hard. BE CAREFUL HERE! The vice is most likely made of stronger metal than your hanger and can crush it… don’t over tighten.

That should be everything you need to know to swap your axles. If you have any questions, feel free to shoot me an email at!