Team rider Roberto Cobian wins the Mounds Down!

MD2-2-202Tommy Watson: Hey Roberto, heard you had some fun over the last weekend. Where were you?

Roberto Cobian: Oh yea, I took a last minute decision to go up to Wisconsin with my homie Johnny to race The Mounds Down 2 and came back with a 1st place!

TW: Nice one!! I heard about this race last year talking with Black Squirrel Skateshop, who’s also in Wisco. They’ve got some good stuff up there! I’m forgetting the dudes name, but there was a Wisconsin racer who came down to Texas/Oklahoma for one of the races that Seth Gouker was throwing and slayed it. It’s cool seeing that Mid-West scene develop. What’s the course like? Can you walk me through a turn by turn?

RC: Yea midwest skate scene is growing every day! Im very happy to be also part of it! You kick off into a steep 90 degree right, into a straight with another right that you can tuck trough then into the left turn (crash corner) into the final long straight where many passes were done! It was wet during saturday which make is more interesting, few people afraid of the water and many crashes! thank to canada for the wet skating abilities!

TW: Who were the heavy hitters there?

RC: They were many local shredders, also Johnny Fireball, homie from Nebraska killed it. charles fricker another fast dude! Also many groms killing it men, good future ahead!

TW: Yeah, I’ve raced with Johnny a couple times. He’s definitely quick.About how many people were there?

RC: they were around 85 people or more, big scene for sure!

TW: Was it a one day event? What was the event vibe like? Camping?

RC: It was a 2 days events on a national park, where everybody camped out for the weekend with no internet! Was fun, music, campfire and much more! Good vibe everybody super nice! Cool local scene and lots of local shop support! Those kids are lucky!

TW: How did the final heat go down?

RC: It started to rain right before the final, the rider were freaking out trying to hurry up to ride the road dry but during going down it was totally wet and 3 of them crashed luckly I made it through with no issue for the win!

TW: I love rain riding! Definitely something we get to practice a lot up here in Canada, but not something I ever did when I was living in Texas. Sounds like those Wisco guys are the same. 🙂 Is this your first time to race in Wisconsin?

RC: yes, first time to race in Wisconsin and definently going back to skate with the locals!

TW: What’s your favourite section of the course?

RC: My favorite part of the hill was the left corner and it was much better when it was wet for sure!

TW: Who organized the event?

RC: Cam Adam, did a great job organizing the event, haybales, closed road the whole weekend, swaaag for the groms and good place to camp and chill! It was an amazing event and will be back next year! Wont forget my leather next time!

TW: Is there a mid-west outlaw series or anything like that?

RC: Not so far.

TW: What are the races that everybody’s attending from the area.

RC: The other mid west events, like davis city downhill, hummel havok, and many others!

TW: What’s the next race coming up in the area?

RC: Next one on the midwest is Soldier of Downhill! fast course and good place to be at!

TW: Yeah, that one’s probably the best known in the Mid-West. Lot’s of out of state and globally ranked riders attending that one.

RC: Yea, Went to soldiers of downhill last year and the scene was big, lots of fast rider and gnarly course as well, will be missing it this year because shcool….

TW: Well, rad. Good luck with that one, Roberto. And thanks for taking the time to talk. Any shout outs or last words to say before we sign out?

RC:  Yea thank to my sponsor for all the support, Rayne, Abec11, Skoa Trucks, Vicious and Holesom as well mom and dad! Thanks Tommy!

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