Skoa Vapor gold
Skoa Vapor gold

VAPOR gold limited edition


  • Freeride / Downhill / Allrounder

The Skoa Vapor has a very flowy feel: smooth turning and easy transitions in to sliding and back to grip. It features a flipable hanger, 47° baseplate, and tall bottom barrels. All of this comes together to deliver top end performance in both freeride and downhill riding.
For a more race-like feel and more grip simply flip the hanger or go for the 42° baseplate. Besides all these facts the Vapor is a true allrounder.

  • 178mm
  • 47°
  • tall + short Barrels
  • Flipable
  • Big Urethane Pivot Cups

Price is for 2 Trucks.

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Product Description


  • Flipable Hanger/Low Rake = easy tuning for rider preference, without extreme differences.
  • Medium Offset = Flowy Turns and smooth sliding transitions.
  • Tall Barrels = More Lean.
  • Big Urethane Pivot Cups = More dampening, more support, more durability. We hand pour these our self in 90a.
  • SKOA EUROTHANE Bushings. 90a Tall Barrels Bottom and 90a Standard Barrels top.
  • Fine Threaded Axles and Kingpins = more precise tightness for bushings and wheels.
  • A 3.25” kingpin is hammered in, allowing you the option for double tall barrels, with no slop.
  • metrical M8x1 axle nuts
  • 4 axis CNC machined
  • hight: 60mm
  • weight: 369g (incl. axles, nuts, baseplate, kingpin, kingpin nut, washer, pivot cup), without bushings
  • Read more about the Vapor on our FAQ page.


Additional Information

The Story Behind the Vapor

THE STORY BEHIND THE VAPOR Working closely with our team riders, we came to engineer a truck that was easily tunable to each riding style. In mid 2012, Reinhold and Uwe started on a project to simply the Stream 7 hanger, making them more accessible by reducing the machine time and therefore the overall cost of the truck to the rider. With this reduction in machine time they would just be making the surfaces and lines of the truck easier for the machine to mill, keeping this new hanger at the level of quality that is expected from SKOA. Through the design process, Uwe and Reinhold realized that this new hanger could be offered additionally to the Stream 7, and that with that it should also offer added versatility to the lineup. What would become the Vapor would handle very differently from the Stream 7. In early 2013, after Tommy Watson met up with Uwe and started riding Stream 7s, he was introduced to the Vapor concept that Uwe had started on with Reinhold the summer before. Taking note from his input across a range of products within the industry and the 5 years of riding experience he’s had across a variety of trucks, he became the lead rider for feedback. The goal: to create a truck that could combine the best aspects in to one package. “I change my setups a lot, and I had been wanting a truck that could fit any riding style, from stand up only freeridering to foot-break-and-grab-rail downhill. There isn’t one geometry that works best for everything, but there is one aspect that feels great across all disciplines and styles: flow. Uwe and Reinhold were on the same page, and I think that the combination of a low amount of rake, medium axle offset, 47° baseplates and tall barrel compatibility come together to make the most versatile and confidence inspiring truck that I’ve ever ridden.” – Tommy Watson As in all SKOA Trucks, Vapors were first developed using CAD software to help us find the optimal combination of geometry, functionality, and aesthetics. Rider feedback was gathered over the course of a year, not just from Tommy, but from Mike Fitter, George Mackenzie, Connor Fergusson and others. With slight tweaks to things like bushing seat depth and available axle widths we took to the computer again to perfect the Vapors weight to strength ratio. Like Tommy said, the product is versatile, confidence inspiring, and easily tunable to match your riding style. We’re very proud to present you with this final product: The Vapor.


Desert Sand

Baseplate Angle


Hanger Width


Vapor setup options

178mm set with 42/42 baseplates, 178mm set with 47/42 baseplates, 178mm set with 47/47 baseplates


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