Stream7 truck gunmetal
Stream7 truck gunmetal

STREAM 7 gunmetal limited edition


  • Freeride / Downhill

The Skoa Stream 7 delivers the highest in machining, material, and design quality. It has a very direct feel: quick turning and intense grip. The I-Beam design of the Stream 7 allows the truck to be as light as possible, without sacrificing strength. State-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques make the Stream 7 unlike anything else on the market!

  • 182mm
  • 47°/47°
  • tall + short barrels
  • 0 Rake
  • Big Urethane Pivot Cups

Price is for 2 Trucks.

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Product Description


  • Low axle offset = direct and quick turning action
  • I-Beam design = the greatest weight reduction without sacrificing strength.
  • 0 rake = for the best feel during turns and slides –linear turn feel
  • Big Urethane Pivot Cups = More dampening, more support, more durability. We hand pour these our self in 90a.
  • Fine threaded axles and kingpins
  • SKOA EUROTHANE 90a bushings 90a Tall Barrels Bottom and 90a Standard Barrels top.
    Fits any standard barrel sized bushings, as well as eliminator shapes
  • metrical M8x1 axle nuts
  • 5 axis CNC machined
  • hight: 53mm
  • weight: 408g (incl. axles, nuts, baseplate, kingpin, kingpin nut, washer, pivot cup), without bushings
  • Made in Germany
  • Read more detail about the Stream 7 here on our FAQ page.

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Additional Information

The Story Behind the Stream 7

Our passion for riding and exceptional design led to the engineering of the SKOA Stream 7. Hours sketching and 3D-modeling in front of our virtual drawing boards resulted in our first truck designs that were manufactured with rapid prototyping technology. From there we were able to maximize strength at the lowest possible weight thanks to stress analysis of our computer models. Every single stress zone became visible and made us redesign certain sections, recalculate and reevaluate our approach for this unique truck. The Stream 7 was tested at Munich’s Technical University and ridden by experienced and passionate people who ask for the extra that has not been available so far. We are proud to present what we believe is a new benchmark in the world of precision trucks.


Black Annodized

Baseplate Angle


Hanger Width



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