born: 1989

hometown: Langenargen, Germany

sponsors: Skoa Trucks, Icone Longboards,

rider set up: VAPOR – 178mm, 47° for freeriding
VERTEX – 172mm, 47°/42° for racing

top 3 favorite races:
Kozakov and all the Czech races in general,
Almabtrieb 2014 edition (my very first race)

comment about SKOA:
Thanks to the VAPOR I could improve my freeriding skills so much. Their lean and turn make it easy to kick out stand-up slides. They provide a surfy and agile feel and are perfectly stable at the same time. It’s the perfect allround truck for freeriding, bombing, racing, concrete surfing…
The VERTEX is a little bit more aggressive and direct with a less surf like feel than the Vapor and allows for fast maneuvers –that’s why I choose them for racing.

best known for: Turbo Dude –my mobile home.

how you got into longboarding:
During my abroad semester on Gran Canaria in 2013 I actually wanted to improve my surfing, but conditions were not beginner-friendly.
Coincidentally I got to know the local longboard community who took me to skate down hills and I got hooked…so I ended up surfing concrete.
Best thing that could have happened!

pics by: CK Photography, CGSA